Hey! We're Eve & Co. Coffee.


Time to try this new Eve & Co. Coffee. We buy the coffee, they donate diapers to the local pregnancy resource center. Check it out!

Lindsay T.

Coffee that covers baby bums! Love this little coffee co. so much, and thankful for [them] for giving me an opportunity to bless others.

Hannah S.

Friends, check out Eve & Co. Coffee and go ahead and order some! Delicious coffee and helps put diapers on baby bums.

Courtney D.

Drank the entire french press by myself this morning. The coffee is amazing!

Neale B.

Check out our coffee!

Since we are a brand new company, so far we are only producing one roast option – Calathea. This coffee is roasted in small batches just outside of Roanoke and has tasting notes of chocolate covered almonds with a bright lemony finish. It is ideal for an everyday drip coffee, but also great for espresso. However it is that you choose to brew it, you can enjoy it knowing that you have helped provide diapers to a family in need. Grab a bag or a few below and help us cover some baby bums!