Our Story

Why coffee? And why diapers?

We are Sarah and Justin Williams and Maria and Spencer Pugh and, unlike most friendships, the first that time we hung out we decided to go into business together. Spencer and Maria have had the idea for awhile now of starting a coffee company that would in some way support moms and babies here in our community, a dream that combined their love of coffee with their passion for helping families. They shared this dream with Sarah and Justin, who are also both passionate about supporting mommas and babies, as well as good coffee, and they immediately saw this as an opportunity to make a difference in their community and were all in.

How It All Started

While we all knew that we wanted to put our passion for loving and supporting families into action in some way, we weren’t quite sure what this coffee company would look like, or how exactly we would support families in a tangible way. But we knew that we wanted to start building a community around this idea, so Maria and Sarah (with help from Spencer and Justin) started a podcast, The Cold Coffee Podcast: A Podcast For Mommas, where they chatted weekly about all things pregnancy, motherhood, and Jesus. The support and response from our listeners was more than we could have imagined and we were so encouraged by our Cold Coffee community. It has been such a gift to have the opportunity to support and encourage mommas through the podcast, and it is because of them that we believed we could bring this dream to life and also support families in a tangible way.

Shortly after starting the podcast we learned that 1 in 3 families in the United States have trouble affording diapers. We also learned that the local pregnancy resource center here in Roanoke is always in need of diapers to give to families that they serve. We realized that this was the perfect way to tangibly love and bless families, but we still had to figure out HOW we would be able to donate diapers.

Around the same time The Lord blessed us with a sweet friendship with local coffee roasters in Moneta, Virginia, Lyndsay and Kyle of Sunview Coffee Roasters, as well as a partnership with Dyper, a company that makes eco-friendly bamboo diapers. And so Eve & Co. Coffee (the culmination of our passion for and desire to support families, as well as our love of locally roasted coffee) was born!

Eve & Co. Coffee

The meaning of the name is twofold. We wanted to acknowledge and appreciate the example of motherhood that The Lord gives us in Eve, the first mother and the mother of all living, as well as acknowledge and include all of the other mothers (after all, that is who we are hoping to love and bless with this opportunity!). The name Eve means “to live” or “to give life” and again, through this company, we want to love, honor, and support all of the mommas in choosing life for their babies and in caring for them after they are born.

The Mission

For every bag of coffee that we sell we will be donating three diapers to the local pregnancy resource center here in Roanoke. It is our hope to one day be able to donate more than three diapers per bag of coffee, as well as to be able to donate diapers to centers all over the country.

This is such a unique opportunity for anyone who loves coffee to also support families that are in need. The mission of this company is something that we are so passionate about and truly believe can make a difference, and we would love your support in helping us love and bless families through the sale of locally roasted coffee!